Water sword

Hi like my previous post about earth sword, this time i need help with a water sword

  • i would like the sword to either be made of water ( or just the blade )
  • Or the blade will be surrounded by water

Thank you in advance

here is the image of the sword normally

Look in to see if you can use Fluid simulation, Control object:

I guess a big question would be what effect are you going for? If you want the blade to just look like it’s made of water, but behave solidly, you’ll be wanting to focus on textures and materials. If you want it to sort of splash around while it’s swung you’ll want to look into simulations (or perhaps hand-animating metaballs or something if you want a little more manual control over the effect). Perhaps you could try making an invisible shell blade and having the water splash around inside that, so it’ll appear to have a sharp edge still. A water blade could be interpreted a lot of different ways, and you’d want to approach it very differently depending on how you want it to look.

My idea is that the blade will be made of water allowing me to chabge the length, shape and size of the water
Sort of like waterbending but the handle is what is doin the bending will the blade bein the water that is bent

I don’t know if a fluid system would be the right approach for that, since it would take forever to bake and probably be a huge headache to set up. You could experiment with hooks and shape keys and animate them to get the shapes that you want. For the water effect, you could use colored glass, volume or similar shaders and a displacement map, possibly animated, to simulate the water ripples. Maybe manually placed particle systems for the splashes. If you don’t need complex shapes or realistic splashes, that is. Alternatively, if you want a realistic result…you can set the blade thing as a domain for a fluid simulation (with the displacement map on the blade, so that it also looks like water when idle), and rapidly increase the size of the domain where you want splashes (the water should suddenly spill out), but I’m not sure whether this would work and it’s just an idea, since I’m not experienced with blender fluids…Good luck! I hope you find a solution that looks good!