water texture for bodies - how do i do something like this?


im trying to make this:

into a 3d model.
But im not sure how to do it. If i look at the body, it becomes obvious that it is made out of 2 major parts.
the “real” body, which i could easily remodel and “water attachments” like the “water-hair”.

How would you create something like this? Is it possible to do something like this with the particle system?

i hope you can help me :3

Yeach use particle system on curves and just go one. You can search for topic with a ocean simulation + particle system and painting. Use it there is a animation of a ball moving in a water and it gives a really nice splashes.

thanks for the answer. But when i search for those terms the only thread i find is this one ):

do you have a direct link to this specific thread?