Water tower Ciechanow

Hi guys,

I don’t do much archviz, but this time had the pleasure to visualise a design of renowation of a water tower in Ciechanow. Whole piece is done in Blender, with just a little touch in GIMP.

Hi Cherry, it looks really nice, only the trees are unrealistic. I like the balance of the colors in your scene :slight_smile:

That looks incredibly realistic to me, the lens distortion works well for this subject.

If this trees on the left won’t be strangely bended and stretched I’d say that you’ve posted a real photo, not a visualization :slight_smile: (which will be also nice, because I hate when that interesting architecture turns to ruins)

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Great work. I agree with what the others said about the trees giving it away.
Everything else is really good.

Thanks sqips.
I’m wondering, what about those trees struck you guys as unreal? Is it really the lens distortion (camera sensor was set to 120, which is pretty high)? Or some particular part of the render looks wrong? (I know one place I was hesitating to improve, but the image was already accepted by the client and published, so didn’t want to change it in any way)

I think that the leaves seem too flat to be realistic. Normally leaves are bent and curved, but these seem like flat images. I had a similar problem when downloading free 3d trees: all the leaves were flat.

Wow, I honestly didn’t expect that :slight_smile:

Well, I don’t see a problem in using planes (4 verts) with alpha image for leaves on distant trees, as with this resolution you can really see not much difference. And the above render seems to proove it, as leaves on some trees are bent (tall birches), and bent and curved on the others (yeah, I used waaay more poligons than needed for this shot, but there were some shots catching the trees from smaller distance in this scene, and for those I needed some detail).
Anyway, for a moment I was tempted to do a test, and rerender the scene using just flat planes as leaves… But I quess I’ll leave it as is, at least for now. I’ll post the result of such comparison when and if I do it some day :-).

What gives away the trees in my eyes is the repeating texture of the bark, along with the trunk to branch thickness ratio. branches too thin for that trunk.

Yeah, trunk to branch thickness ratio might be the case, altough it’s rather correct for the species. Maybe the fact that it’s exaggerated by the lens distortion bothers the viewers eyes.
And if you look closely, there’s some repetition in the texture, but it’s not striking, at least not at first glance…
Anyway, it is how it is, and we’ll see how will I do with trees next time :wink:

Nice man :slight_smile:


It also seems impossible that the grass would grow so perfectly under the foot-bridge, and then be trimmed perfectly as well!
On the whole though, lovely work.

dudecon - yeah, good eye :slight_smile: And thank you :slight_smile:

Pi9rnik - thx/dzięki :slight_smile: