Water with raytracing?

Well, I have a tub with unfloating rubber duck at the bottom. I also have a plane at the top of the tub. The plane would really love to be water, but he’s to thick and isn’t able to let light pass through…

Um, so…yar. I have a plane which I can’t get transparent. I have set all the lamps to ray shadows, I have set the alpha of the plane’s material to 0.3 and set the ray transp on, I have the set raytracing on from the rendering options…anything else? When I render, all I get is black. Except for a really small part of the image where I see a bit of yellow. That would be probably the duck…

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send me the file and i can check it


your plane might be upside down, try selecting the plane in edit mode and hit flip normals in the edit buttons window. or try CTRL-N and see if that helps.

cekuhnen, thanks, the file has been sent.

zdk1, naw, didn’t help. :frowning:

have you also turned on TraShodow for the tub’s material?


the sad thing is that blender cannot render soft shadows when TraShadows is tunred on! pretty bad.


Fareton Dani said it! you need to do that and use raytraced shadows.
the area light can be deleted since you can use hemi here as well. softshadows dont work when you want to cast the water plane a caustic panel and soft shadows. what you can do is apply a cuastic image to the spot light and let it cast the caustic as well.

hope this helps!

anyway you have my email!