Watercolor render tests

Tweaked my painterly tutorial again to see if I could get a watercolor looking render.


Great image, looks really hand painted. Good to know this is posible with compositing. Thanks!

Charblaze, hi, great watercolor effect. Do you think you could please post a screenshot of the node setup you used to achieve this effect?

Beautiful results!!!

Would you still be willing to make this .blend file available? I am really interested in learning how you got this look with cycles. Thanks!!

Not sure If your asking for mine or Charblaze’s, but I been working on a tutorial for mine.
I want others to learn from the ground up how it’s done so new NPR techniques can be made.
Will have a blend when it’s done.

Thanks Charblaze for helping out with the thread.
Been busy at my day job.

Hi Ronin,

Thanks for the tut, i like the impression you are giving to your work. I followed your tut on your blog and i got this

I like the trick :slight_smile:

@charblaze, that looks pretty amazing!

This is beautiful work, Charblaze! Thank you so much for including the node set up. :smiley:

I’m just getting back into Blender, so this might be a silly question, but you should be able to switch the nodes around and apply the watercolor effect to just a material, right? Not to the whole world?

Like in the violin example, have it just mapped to the violin itself and not to the entire rendered view.
This is probably something I should just fire up Blender and try out myself, but…

It could be super cool to have a character pop from his surroundings my applying the watercolor effect to just its skin.

Really liking the painterly effects here. All I can make are print effects :frowning:

really good work in here! :smiley:

I seem to get nothing but a black screen during render unless I enable Include Alpha of Second Input in this operation in the final mix node labeled “Add Paper”. None of the screenshots you posted however show this enabled.
Am I doing something wrong?