Waterfall Hotel

A moody interior for a hotel with a view. Dramatic lighting and location were large features of this build, which was really built around the landscape.


Love the lighting. The warmth from the interior light makes the scene, in my opinion.

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Great work :+1:

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Thanks! I was trying to counter-balance the ambient light from the fog outside with the texture of the carpet and the light on the bed - a little triangle there for the eye to follow around…

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you!

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I love the rainy day window, It makes me feel cosy inside!


Thank you! That was really the whole vibe of this piece!

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So someone asked how the waterfall in the background was done and if I’d built the whole landscape in 3D - nope! This is classic comp work using an image backplate - BUT! In this case, it wasn’t done in the compositor - it was all in-camera. I found that while you could approximate the look by inserting the image in after - you miss out on the nice ambient lighting from the image itself - especially from the low clouds on the upper half of the image. And since this was done in Cycles - it takes that into account.

So - this is simply an image mapped to a curved backplate which is scaled up in the far distance (excuse my kitbash modelling) and set to emit some light with an emisson in the material. Not overly strong (3) but enough that cycles takes the light it emits and introduces it into the scene. I find this method of comping in backplates to work really well as you get that complex but subtle ambient lighting throughout the image.

IMPORTANT: For your backplate, make sure to go into the object properties and set it to not cast a shadow - that way, it doesn’t interfere with your established lighting - merely adds to it.

Hope this helps!