Lets make this fun and see if people can guess correctly: did I paint this using a mouse or a paint brush?..:smiley:

Well I’m going to guess mouse simply because it seems silly to say that if you didn’t. Looks like it was done with a brush though.

Nice piece by the way (however it was created). Good choice of colours, and nice effect.

I’m going to say “paint-brush” - I’m thinking your going for a double-bluff.

triple bluff, it’s done with potatoes and a wacom tablet

triple bluff, it’s done with potatoes and a wacom tablet


It’s painted with a mouse.

I say its a photo painted by a mouse. It looks gimped to me, but maybe I’m just so used to seeing real images being distorted like that.

It was painted with a mouse, but it is not a distorted photograph. This is a save that was made when I was still doing basic colors and shapes and it looked 2D and less photographic. There are even some spots where the colors are not mixed yet and look flat.
I did use a family vacation picture as reference, but the painting is not a photo edit.

Also if you know a way to make a photo look exactly like one of my paintings, I would like to know how you do it so I can quit wasting time doing it from skratch ;). Every time i have seen a person make a “painting” from a photograph it generally ends up looking to much like the photo or it becomes a horrible example of how not to use photoshop filters.