Edit: This is the latest image now, more in posts below!

This is my latest work, finished rendering yesterday. Hope you like it. Any feedback is ofcourse welcome.

Lovely :slight_smile: scene…
May lake of depth, I can’t guess if the mountain is very close and looks strange or if it is supposed to be far away and then lake of atmospherical perspective


thanks for your feedback. The background is the part I like the least. the mill is located kinda on a plateau on a mountain and the background is just the next mountain in the mountain range. There are also a couple of mountains on the right side of the image behind the trees.

the overall look is awesome. there are only some details i don´t like. the grass seems to be too big. and there are too many straight lines. the roofridge and the wooden beams on the waters edge need some light variations, because they are too dominant in the scene.

Thanks for your feedback, I havent really thought about that. I have also received some other good feedback from other sources that I also liked so maybe this image isn’t done after all. I will make another revision and update this thread considering all the new feedback I got.

After a fiew changes and some feedback from you guys as well as Rob Tuytel this is the new render. Thank you all!

I really like this! If I were to be critical, I would say that the light is a little too much in the first and last images, or maybe just too centered and distracting from the rest of the scene. Perhaps it could do with a slight mist, since it looks like early morning sunlight.

thank you! yes there is some mist in there, though its probably to weak to take much notice of, learned that subtle is the way to go, but maybe not that subtle. :stuck_out_tongue:

i love the new version. the old one was good but with the tweaks it has getting even better.

woooow greet work :yes: