Watership Down Project

For my senior research paper (high school) I am doing a project on Watership Down by Richard Adams (great book). Anyways, it’s a book about rabbits. I need to create a creative component, and I chose to do something with Blender. Right now, my goal is to create a faux movie trailer for it (yes, I know there is an cartoon version already out), but depending on my abilities, I’ll be happy with just a fake movie poster or something like that. Anyways, I’m already writing music for it, so I hope I can make a trailer–which should be about 45-60 seconds long. If anyone wants to see and crit the (working) script, I’d be willing to post that as well. Am I being too ambitious? I’m feeling a little nervous.

While I’m planning on doing most of the work myself, since I’m on a little bit of a tight schedule, I wanted to know where I could find some good models of a clothed man, bird, shotgun, and a car (truck preferably). Anything I can’t find, I’m willing to model myself, but the man and car especially would be helpful.

Seeing as how this is a book about rabbits, I’ve modeled my first one–which I will probably use as a base for all of my rabbits. Here is the picture I used as a reference (here). Any crits on the modeling? I will add whiskers, teeth and claws.

Now I need some tips on how to move forward with the texturing, furring (is that right?), and rigging.