Worked on a simple project this time. Went crazy with bending pipes. Idea behind the image is ‘all work and no play’. I wanted to render it in yafray but it just wouldn’t work. Post-pro in photoshop.

CC welcome



It is a good work (I like the B/W grainy effect)…

Uhmm one question, Why it wouldn’t work in Yafray?? I would like to begin working with Yafray and I would like to know if it has troubles and how avoid them %| … Thanks


well. I too don’t really know if something was wrong. Not a Yafray expert.
I was trying to render the image in Full GI with default settings. The console window showed the number of passes it was making (about 10) after which it started to generate dotted lines. Never seen that happen before, so I assumed something was wrong with Yafray rendering.

If anyone knows what the problem was, please enlighten me.

Nice work!

The noise looked good.

That’s not a problem, that’s intended behaviour :o)

What you see is the visualisation of the fake pass! After YafRay is done with the fake pass, it will start rendering the image.
You will have to change the lights a bit though, because they behave a bit different from Blender.

To do a yafray test, increase your lamp power, to double for starters.

  • Use default YAFRAY settings

  • Deactivate XML button

  • Select LOW for the quality

  • SkyDome for method

  • Activate the Cache button

Render this project with the PREVIEW size. It is smaller.

This should get you in the right direction on tweaking for Yafray.

Looks great, i like how the pipes seem chomish through the grainieness. I wish the water didn’t do that whish-whash, but that’s just me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks Great!!

Good- specially nice work on the water stream thingie

I think this would look nicer if it was lighter w/o the grain and had some soft shadows - but thats just my humble opinion


It looks really good, can we see the images before photoshop editing

Sure, here you go:



mm i like this one better- duno maybe i jsut dont get the purpose of the grain effect %|


I agree with Dwarfose, I don’t like the grain as much as the second set of images. I love the first picture in the second set. Very stylish.

And I agree with osxrules.
Without grain it looks great.

It’s much nicer now that the grain is out…
I wonder what it would look like if the water at the bottom of the pipe had some colour to it, or maybe glowed?

I guess I’ll make the ungrained pics the final version. Thanks to all for their support and comments. Much appreciated! :smiley:

I don’t know, the best thing with the grain was that it took care of that very dark and sharp shadow.

Hahaha this is mad stuff. I’m really like what you have done. It is pretty damn original. I just hope you can get this thing working with yafray.

Have you checked to see that the Yafray xml is enabled under the render tab? if I don’t have this enabled mine usually crashes on a heavy scene.

Really cool stuff. Look forward to seeing what else you can do with this.