Wave Texture Rings

Using the Object Mapping, how can I achieve the same result as if I used the UV mapping. (kindly refer to the pic)

I want the wave texture rings to be distorted same as the edge of object.

You could use generated coordinates, and modifiers for the distortion:

Modifiers off:

Modifiers on:

generated_distort.blend (108.4 KB)

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And how can I get the randomness in distortion, whenever I copy the object?
I am looking to create something like this. Procedural Tree Stump Generation

In that case, I’d go back to UV coordinates and use a geometry nodes setup for the distortion. Any reason why you do not want to use UVs?

generated_distort.blend (108.4 KB)

I want to use this setup on a cylinder, not on a flat circular plane. If I use UVs on the cylinder then I would certainly get a seam and I don’t want that to happen.

Actually, I am trying to replicate this wooden texture procedurally.
I want to make one cylinder and further want a random object everytime I make a new copy (same as you must have seen in Stump Video)

I think 1 workaround that can be done while using UVs is that I can use an edge wear mask to hide the seams. And already these cylinders have a dark brown outline on the edges. Will, it going to work?

You could try the following:

  1. In the geometry nodes setup, capture the vertex position before the distortion:

  2. Use this attribute in the shader as a coordinate:

generated_distort_geonodes_cylinder.blend (133.7 KB)