Wave texture thickness variation

The reference image of the buddha has horizontal wave lines that varies in thickness. I tried to create the same effect using wave node in material but cannot figure out how to do a varying thickness effect. Please help!

Try separating your z and y coords maybe like this…

Hope that helps…

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Hi AphaChannel,
Thanks for the screenshot.
I tried to copy the nodes, but not sure where went wrong. See image below. I also honestly do not understand much of the math nodes. It has always been itimidating to me. Would you mind giving a few explainatory words? Thank you!

Yes, my way replaces the need for the wave texture,

Perhaps an easier way is like this look,

rock wave.zip (808.3 KB)

Have a file, its very hard for me to explain simply what is going on, as I dont know how much maths you know, its better to watch some tutorials,

but a file may help.