Wavefront OBJ import problems..


Trying to process *.osm file through osm2world, then with *.obj
I get distorted geometry after importing it into Blender:

Anybody got an idea how to correct distorted vertices in OBJ import?


Please supply example .obj file and clearly show us what you see and what you are expecting to see as comparison

Thats what I get in osm2world - see roofs pls:

What I wanted to establish is whether its osm2world or Blender import problem?
Here is the link to workflow example: http://www.magben.de/?h1=3d&h2=openstreetmap_wielun

Supply both your .obj file and .blend file.

Often with an obj file, you have to select the KeepVertOrder from the Import obj (usually left of screen when you go to the file chooser).

NOPE, unfortunately…;


Loaded .obj into Meshlab and exported as .obj, then imported that into blender

One other thing. Don’t have it so f**** big. Do not change the view clipping values, scale your object to a reasonable size in the viewport


osm1.blend (3.26 MB)

Thanx a lot, Richard. Iam gonna check that Meshlab out, it must be osm2world then, which screws the data.
F**big? Its a test file, a chunk of larger area, Id say.