wavefront obj

does blender 2.71 no longer suport wavefront obj import and export .
i cant seem to find it and i use this all the time fome zbrush ,and modo ,

Yes it does.

As before from the File / Import or Export menu. If you don’t see it try enabling the importer/exporter addon in user preferences. By default it is enabled.

Thats what i thought but its not in the user preferences

Here are all the options for import


That’s a rather unfortunately cut screenshot… The Wavefront importer/exporter would be below the one for VRML2 in that list - but that’s where your screenshot ends.

Its not in there


Then there must be something wrong with your Blender installation. Did you try reinstalling?

This (or similar, according to your OS) should be the path to the OBJ importer/exporter files. Does that folder exist?


Ok i just reinstalled it and now its there ,i had to activate it in the user preferences.
Thanks to all .