waving flag


i want to make a waving flag in blender. i used a plane with wood texture. it looks like a real flag for a frame. but i couldn’t make a animation with it.

can anyone help me? how can i make a plane as an animated flag?

thanks for answers.


Good luck.

thank you borgleader.

however i don’t know how to do 7. and 8. steps? mapping and making material IPO?

sorry, i’m beginner on animations with blender.

to make a material ipo, just set keyframes ( I key ) with the mouse pointer in the material window, and you will get the appropriate menu. I am assuming you need to animate the offset? you can do this, also, by mapping to ‘object’ and then animating the object that the material is mapped to ( probably an empty, since an empty doesn’t show up in the render ). Also, you might be able to do it with the wave effect, which is now in the modifiers menu, I think. Also, if you ever need to do it in plain 2-D, the gimp has an animation wizard that will do a waving effect ( and it’s cyclic ).

You could try to animate the flag by using soft bodies. Bind two corners to a vertex group and set the group as a goal for the soft body setup. After that tweak the settings and set up a couple of empty objects with force fields (wind, vortex etc.) based on what you need.

The advantage of this method is that you can animate it in various of ways (keyframe empties for instance).

Yet another way would be to build an armature for a flag and animate it by using PyDrivers and different phases of sine. This would be similar to Wave modifier solution but this gives you more control.

Also, it can be done with shape keys, I did that for super-wu-mans super cape.

i’m working on that tutorial: http://www.cogfilms.com/CQTs-1.html

i tried that you said. pressed “i” key when the cursor was on material buttons. but there were a lot of options. i tried “wood” when i cursor was on texture buttons and all mapping.

but i couldn’t understand the 8. step on this tutorial. what would i do? i opened the IPO screen and put dots on the timeline as a graph. but there’s no animation.:rolleyes:

Have you animated anything before ? If not you should probably follow a tutorial on how to use the ipo curve editor first. Theres probably something about it in the Blender Noob to pro wiki.

hmm you’re right. i wasn’t at the animation part of noob to pro but i’ll come there:cool:

thanks for everyone