Wavy box

Im trying to make a rectangle that is waving(best word I could think of lol) like this. Just a quick example of what I mean in the drawing.I did a square in the drawing but need it to be a rectangle. I want it to be even waves throughout and round at the corners. This would be the top view and I would just extrude the verts on the Z axis if that would be the best method.I know I can just do it with loop cuts and have a subsurf but Im looking to have a lot of waves. The top and bottom I need flat. I hope this makes sense to someone. i can explain more if you like. Thanks

Like this?

To make this I just did the following:

  • Added a plane
  • Went into Edit Mode
  • Subdivided the plane (‘w’ then select ‘subdivide’) 3 times.
  • Selected every-other vertex around the perimeter
  • Hit ‘s’ to scale and scaled them in a bit.
  • Added a subsurf modifier
  • Extruded the entire plane up a bit on the Z-axis
  • Then I selected the edge loop around the top and bottom of the box and set their “edge crease” to max so that they had a sharp corner.


wavybox.blend (326 KB)

To make bumpy cube, just subdivide default cube x 10, add Displace modifier with texture. Adjust the bumpiness with Strength setting. Add Subsurf modifier to smooth it out.


Thanks kastoria that is what I was looking for. Was wondering if there was a modifier that could be used for doing the waves instead of subsurf but that is fine if thats the best method.
Not what Im trying to do ridix but thanks anyways because I do need to add a displacement to my model. Was going to sculpt but this seems better. Forgot all about the Displace modifier.

Usually smooth curves are done with subsurf and this will probably work vestige you are going to sculpt it.