Wavy interlaced distortion effect

Hello long time since I used the support forums, I’ve been using Blender 2.79 (internal) to create backgrounds that use warping and various distortions present in the old Earthbound games to make an animation with various sprites and removed enemies.
While everything is running rather smoothly with color cycling and the compression and horizontal distortions looking pretty neat and close to the original feel:
EB battleBG1 EB battleBG2 EB battleBG3

I still can’t seem to figure out a way to create the “interlaced” distortions like so:

How would one go about making that sort of interlace effect though using the compositor while also making sure not to add any anti aliasing? Chances are there’s an extremely simple solution I’ve overlooked.

Hmm… I’m not seeing any of those images.

How odd, they appear for me.
Just in case I’ll leave a link to the site where the old Mother 4 game progress was being uploaded. Scroll to the middle to see the interlaced distortions.
The rest of the distortions are easy enough to manage for the most part using either texture warps or physical mesh deformations.

Interlacing requires 2 versions of a frame (ideally offset in time). But if your faking it by relying on the waves distortion, then use a mask that is just alternating lines a pixel or so high. Use the Wood texture set to sawtooth or similar (no distortion).

Many thanks for the tip, in the end I managed to create the effect using a similar method, a physical mesh as a mask and two instances of the same object offset, and then recomposited together from two scenes. Here’s a test using 3 scenes and a custom enemy sprite overlaid.

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