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Such A Noob I Am :d

Ok, I’'ll try a different approach this time. (there have been alot of similar threads here, so I’m trying out new ways to respond, hope it goes well)


are we allowed to receive donations or sell it without some kind of permission?
You are allowed to recieve donations, you are allowed to sell it, but there is a little catch. Blender uses something called “The Blender Player” in order to make stand alone binaries. The Blender Player is GPLed, so in turn any stand alone you make is going to be GPLed as well. From what I understand about it anyway (maybe someone can clear this up, blendenzo?)

Although, there is a way to get around that, but you have to include the source blend and run the application through a batch file or bash script on Linux.

The point is: There are ways to pretty much do anything you may want legally, so don’t worry about that now.

For a game like this, will we need more than 2 people in our dev team?
Depends on your skill level with the Blender Game engine, but even with decent skill, the answer is most probably yes. RPG’s and especially MMORPG’s are very complex pieces of software.

Okay, already I have made a sword(not 100 complete, or skinned) and the first mob(complete, not skinned), I won’t post links to them ATM cause I am not too good at rendering things. We have almost everything sorted out except the game itself, so we are starting on that. My friend is making a map and I am making items and stuff. I aksed him to learn blender to a degree (so I am not the only one modelling) and he can make BGMs and I will get him to learn to code python ASAP. I know the TINSIEST bit of python so I have to learn as well, but that shant take too long, especially with no assignments or home (last week of school) work.

wow that had to hurt social. Good luck renegrade there is soooo much to do.
Following social good lead I’ll also like to make some very important points (this is just to stop the community from lighting the torches and forming the mob.) Make sure that before you ask a question that if you believe it is likely a very simple one to answer, that you use the search function first. Regardless of me saying that it will still happen time to time. We all ask a simple question that we should have researched ourselves before asking a question that got answered last week and the week before. This kind of wears on the patience of the people willing to answer these questions. And slowly the answers get less polite. Just depends on the mood of the person answering.

Keeping in mind too, the best way to keep people off your back is by showing your work and not making claims with nothing else. Kind of see that alot. But that ofcourse isn’t an issue so much when your really just introducing yourself to the community like here. We’re glad to have ya. As you get through working on projects you’ll slowly turn from a question machine into an answering maching (kind of like social but I don’t think he was ever big on asking questions :stuck_out_tongue: ) The only major problem with the above post is the MMORPG. Its just staggering the amount of committment necessary to create even the most simplistic MM let alone O or even RPG. But it gets thrown around a great deal, but nearly never happens. When ever I see it i think “shhhhh hear that … thats the sound of the mob and they’re coming”

Having a sword at 100 vert either means you have a rather detailed model or you’ve just started out modelling.(just reread your post “not 100 complete” saw 100 and my mind said verts faces polys tris and decided on verts, so nm) Give it 2weeks - 4 months and your modelling will evolve a great deal. But in the realm of completeness towards an mmo, modelling a sword is like showing up to third grade english class saying soooo when do we get to our first 1000+ page novel. But I don’t think that should make you think we’ll whats the point or shut it you don’t know what your talking about. In fact I don’t, I don’t have the skill or knowledge to even come close to playing with the idea of a mmo its just a very staggering endeavor. So if you stay the course we’ll be seeing a lot of ya. As always as long as you enjoy working on the projects it doesn’t matter what anyone says or thinks its not a waste of time. That thought may help you ingore some of the flaming that might begin during your break in period.

Lol, you have no idea. I was actually screaming all the way through typing that out.

oh and be sure to start rounding out all your skills. The learning curves are dfferent. If you don’t have a back ground in drawing or painting download “the gimp” or some other program which will allow you to practice painting in now. Creating good textures, too me, is far more difficult then a decent low poly mesh. How good you get at modelling in 2 weeks the same in painting takes closer to 2 or 3 months.

Also important to note your quality of work changes all the time which means your project will have inconsistency’s or you’ll have to go back and rework things over and over again.

How long have you been using blender?

Ok, we will see.

Yes you can sell anything you make in blender, heh you could even sell blender.

Well as social said before, it all depends on your skills levels, “Cresant Dawn Online” is a MMORPG work in progress with only 2 guys on there dev team, but they both have alot of xp in blender & python (afaik).

Well, with all that said all that is left to say is, Welcome to the forums and good luck with your project.

Yes, welcome to the forums. It’s good to see that you have some determination (just stick to it!).:slight_smile:

An MMORPG, from what I’ve heard, is a ton of work so another person or two wouldnt hurt.

You will need to know a lot of python, and probably extensively search this forum for help on other things (in case you already havent).

That all said, good luck with your project.

Welcome to the forums! We’re glad to have you.

When it comes to RPGs especially, you will need extensive knowledge of python to get an where, since there will be tons and tons of list and global variables (which have to be done with python) that a bunch of properties and logic bricks can’t even touch.

Also, you will absolutely need more than two people on your team, unless you think you have ten or so years to spend on developement. Also, adding team members doesn’t mean you’ll get a new story writer, or conceptual artist, or some one who makes maps. No, you will need to accrue a team of people who have extensive technical knowledge of Blender, because one person cannot code an entire MMOG and retain their sanity. Also, because of the incredibly vast amount of content you will need to make an MMOG, you will need a lot of content creators, like additional modellers, texturers (often over looked, but vital), and animators. There is a reason that these games are made with the largest and best professional teams available.

Perhaps I seem terribly cynical and fatalistic. Sorry, but you need to go in prepared. And believe me I know what I’m talking about when I talk about MMOGs, after all, what do you think I wanted to use Blender for when I started? Don’t let me deter you, but be warned.

“Game Startup Flamers” + “Way of the Past”= Extreme irony.

You’ll give up in a few days.

…Making my first post in this thread…a “miracle”?

hehe lol :smiley:

I must say that i am biting my tongue reading another one of these post. How much expirience do you have with the BGE? Is this your first game?

but I will say this: We are both very strong willed and determined youngens, we will do this.

Im pretty new to the GE, so I cant pretend to know a lot about its production pipeline, But haveing made and seen many projects in normal animation and modeling that fell apart, I thought I should say:
Strong will is all good and fine if your playing an RPG. Its got about nothing to do with making one. All the ‘will’ in the world wont get you anywhere without knowledge.
Sure, it will help you get the idea, and whatnot, but actually making something with the idea(and a two man team, one of whom has little blender xperience) is beyond that.
And have fun getting donations.
peace man, good luck

Way to go Social. Keep it up and you’ll get from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly to The Bridges of Madison County in no time. :smiley:

As for Renegade, you will notice that most of the serious game makers wait until they have some portion of a level completed before they make an announcement post. This is a sign of professionalism and thus garners respect from the community. Making this kind of a post attracts criticism because you have nothing backing you up. If you have the expertise to do what you are asking then you should be able to look at the BGE GameLogic and determine if it meets your needs. Yes, you absolutely need python for that. Otherwise, my suggestion from experience, is that you make something simple first, but that explores the options that you will need. It always sucks to start something only to realize half way through that you will have to go back and do it all again.
I wish you luck, and please let us know if we can be of any assistance.

Oh… guys… by the way, I’m not trying to make an RPG like… Morrowind, just a really simple one (simplest RPG possible) I probably should develop my skills a bit more but I have 10(i think) weeks of no school ahead of me, I will (maybe) be able to make a RPG that actually seems a bit like an RPG by then… maybe… haha… seeing these posts kinda made me doubt my ability to make this. Also, I’d imagine I could develop my skills while making this game? Oh well. I’ll try. And if I fail… I’ll try and develop my skills further, make an FPS or something… I haven’t done much as far as the game is concerned… All I have done is made a cube move around the first map… no texturing and bad lighting…So far I am not incredibly doing well. Although I have modelled a few weapons (not super quality).

But. This is in NO WAY a serious thing. It’s just a hobby thing. I do it on the side, so to speak. Alnother thing, I was originally going for a graphical effect like Ragnarok Online, cause I absolutely love the graphics in that. But is having your character (third person) as an animated 2D sprite in Blender game engine possible? If it was, it would be a load of my chest (I can sprite model and so can my friend to a higher proficiency than we can 3D model.)

As I said in my post ^^^ I am not trying to make a proffesional game… I just want a simple RPG type thing that we can play and we can say we made. It would be a nice feeling. Also, as I stated previously, I’m not trying to make the equal of Morrowind or Neverwinter Nights, just a game. It will most likely be crappy (modelling etc.) but oh well. And ANOTHER thing :smiley: “because one person cannot code an entire MMOG and retain their sanity.” I have 2 other people helping me with it too. I’ll might even get more. This is a small project. I in no way plan for it to be the best game out there. I in no way plan for it to be a good game. I just want it to be a game (RPG) that I (and my friends) made, and we can call our own. “you will need a lot of content creators” Why? We are not going to have much content in this game.

EDIT: Y’know what… you guys are right. I can’t do this. Neither can my two friends… why kid ourselves? I guess, it’s better if I don’t bother. :smiley: Thanks, I guess. And I mean… yeah… sure it’ll be our creation… but it won’t be good if it sucks and has little to no features… and besides, my head hurts from thinking about the incredible amount of coding that was ahead of me. I’ll guess, for now, as far as MMORPGs go, I’ll settle for my own RO SECRET SUPER MEGA SERVER… that ISN’T ILLEGAL :wink: WINK WINK… wait… do you guys know if kRO based private servers are illegal? Cause I heard they were legalised… anyone, why am I asking you guys… you wouldn’t know xD

Well, I wish you the best. I noticed that Social introduced the GPL issue and suggested that I clear it up. If you’re interested in knowing the legal details of compiling and distributing games made with Blender, please check my still incomplete article on the subject at my website: www.blendenzo.com/tutMakeExe.html Also, you may find other useful tutorials there. Maybe I’ll add more someday…

Hmm… well that was a waste of a thread.