Im new in this forum. My name is Pawel and i come from Poland. I would like to show you one of my last renders.

Bigger size


Very atmospheric… how did you achieve the so nice mist and the so densely fallen leafs in the ground? Is it solely Blender or is there some after editing too?

Very nice mood !

Really nice atmosphere! The only thing thats bothering me is that the branches look weird.
A lot of the branches are very simple and then at the tip explode into a bush of little branches :smiley:
But overall really nice work!

Thanks you all, I’m happy that you like my render. :slight_smile:

@Fatesailor The whole image was made in Blender. I’ve only used Krita once for scaled down image and add a little compression.
The whole scene is covered by cube which Volume Scatter shader. I used one sun lamp with strength set to 5. That lamp is directed towards the camera. I think the density of the mist on my scene is related with shadows and density of the shrubs and grass.

The road was made by partice system. I’ve used two partice system. To the first one I’ve attached some shapes with mud texture. To the second one I’ve attached stones. I’ve made a quick rander to show you, how does it looks like without fog and rest of the scene. Sorry for low resolution and that yellow strange thing under the stones I forgot to uncheck emiter render.

@Julien Kaspar Hmm. You’re right about these branches. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the detailed explanations… the final achievement is very impressive indeed…

hi Pawel,
very nice image. the composition and syle looks nice, but - as some others said before - the trees on the right look a bit unnatural.
What do you think - would it be a good idea to give the image a bit more story by adding a silhuotte of a dark clothed person at the point where the way meets to horizon that seems like walking away from the scene? just very small, barely recognizable as a person and not in focus, somewhat like to be found at second sight.

I like the branches. It’s surreal. Looks like hands.

@KarlAndreasGroß Thank you. Yes, I thought about adding a person, as in the paintings of C. D. Friedrich, but I decided to leave this emptiness on the road. I was trying to create a mood of this place and I didn’t want a person who can distract attention from the mood of place. I’m trying to say that I wanted to someone who sees my picture, he thought about the presented place, not about the person that could be in the image. But yes. Sometimes it’s a good way to add a story to picture by adding a person or the other creature. :slight_smile:

@Fatesailor No problem. I’m happy that I was able to answer your questions.

@bigbad Thanks. I like this bizarre look too. :slight_smile:

I had to look him up, but I think you should listen to C. D. Friedrich. Although I thing there is too much noise in the whites, I really like the mood of the image. But my eyes don’t want to settle. Even just a silhouette of a person at the horizon would be plenty for something my eyes would seek out and rest upon, wander off from and get back to. Looking at C. D. Friedrich, that seems to often be the function of his characters in frame.

That chair… I’m split. Why is it there? I think having a guy wandering off into the horizon and a hangman rope over the chair could tell a really strong story fitting for the mood in the image. Okay, so that’s just the macabre side of me peeping out :smiley:

Hey. Thanks for comment. I understand your point of view. I decided to not add anyone, because the subject of my image was empty road. If I add someone to image, it will completely change the subject. I couldn’t show an empty road, if someone was there. :wink: I didn’t want to tell any story, I wanted to show a mood of this place. :slight_smile: