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Inspired by this COVID lockdown: DESKTOP Adventures

First test using camera projection to model the environment, and experimented with using EEVEE for the clouds and sea fog fluid simulation then composed over cycles render. Attempted to create a ‘tilt-shift’ effect in the compositor.

Notes to self:

  • Camera Projection, Tilt-Shift and Composition:
    Raise camera angle for better tilt-shift effect. Changing angle leaves the backwall with doubles of the objects and other weird stuff. Need to edit original photo to change camera angle (Replace backwall with custom texture?). Or more photos to use as a back plate? Or just better initial planning.
    Needs more research.

  • Sea fog:
    Using EEVEE for smoke simulation was surprisingly successful although, the volumetric shadows is being overpowered by overall scene lighting. Also, more interaction with room environment could be more visually interesting and ground the island into the scene. Fog dripping off the desk edge perhaps? Also, using alpha plane trees proved problematic at the ridge line for the volumetric shadows.

  • The Island:
    Need to generate more realistic terrain, going to experiment with A.N.T. Landscape and then sculpting in cliff details. Texture paint the masks for the various terrain types. Also, need to look at some references.


Fisher House by L.I.K. - Remade in Blender

Mostly working on generating vegetation with sapling tree gen and M-trees. (M-Tree twigs and leaf on sapling trunk and branches).
Need to generate some bushes and ground ivy.

Really focusing on rendering optimisations. Got it down to 125 samples - 3mins.
Need to rework alpha-plane background trees to not rely on transparent shadows. (Although, more geometry may exceed video memory budget).

Other notes:
Scene seems a little boring at the moment.
Need to adjust lighting some more.
Could use better procedural clouds.

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Managed to optimise rendering down to 30-40secs per frame, 22 Samples.
Mainly using Light path nodes to optimise shaders and hide unnecessary detail like, excluding bump map from GI, excluding some materials from reflections, most materials only have shaders when in camera view (except specific items visible in window reflections.)
Also animated visibility of objects to hide exterior objects when out of view.
Memory usage peaked at 3gb.

Started learning some basics of the Blender VSE

Problem areas:
Sky and sun position doesn’t seem to be animating when rendering using cmdline
Transitioning from exterior to interior lighting is problematic.
Weird flickering noise from denoiser… hmmm.

Some Interior Lighting Practice:
Playing around with luxcore

Reference Image:

Blender 2.9 E-Cycles - 256 Samples - 370 secs

Blender 2.9 Luxcore Render 2.3 - BiDirectional Pathtracer 360 secs

Blender 2.9 EEVEE - 512Samples 195secs

Scene Model Axo:


First style test of a space game concept using a flat illustration style.


Cort Acoustic Guitar

Shower Square Corner

Black Anthracite Double-Sink

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An architectural piece I designed at university that encapsulates the idea of light vs dark, yin vs yang. It’s about how we need both postive and negative, how the dark proves the light. It’s also about how our journey changes our perspective and the transition from one journey to another. I’ve tried to reinforce this concept by using a flat illustration style, a harmonious colour palette with a deep contrast.