Wazou's Fast skin - Wip


A little Addon ton create model with skin modifier in One clic.

The goal is to be as fast as possible !


The Link > https://github.com/pitiwazou/Scripts-Blender/blob/Older-Scripts/wazou_fast_skin

Right clic on RAW, savec as fast_skin.py and install it in the addon preference, install from file.

Hope you like it :wink:

Don’t hesitate to improve the script :wink:


Nice one thanks i’m a skin modifier full user i hope the limitation skin modifier have get improve some day

It will be great to have something like this.

i think skin modifier is better than this implementation, why:

  • skin mod…: let you make nice low poly asset and give you a nice topology for poly modeling
  • is more flexible because you can generate a base for low poly modeling and for sculpting
  • what skin mod… need is to fix the limitation it have wen generating the topology that with the slightly move you can get bad results
  • i thimk if dev give more love to this amazing tool can be really powerful and lead to new tools
  • implement hole etc.

This addon uses the skin modifier. :confused:

i’m talking about the video 123d creature

Haa ok ! The Best will be à New tool with more options.

I really, REALLY like all your ideas to speed up character modeling! all of your tools have been really inspiring so far and I’m always looking forward to what you come up next :smiley: … can’t wait to try this one out! thanks again!

Thank’s :wink:

So simple, yet so useful! Thank’s @pitiwazou.

That’s a really awesome set of tools!
Not having to go out of “fullscreen” mode just to go to the modifier’s tab is really good. I’ve got to learn a bit of coding and try to create a pie for this :P.

Anyway, regarding skin modifier’s state. Do you think any developer would be interested in fixing its issues if a bounty were made in bountysource.com? I wouldn’t be able to give much (maybe U$30), but I can’t see another way to have someone fix or improve the skin modifier :/. Unless the next Blender movie relies heavily on it.

Little update of the code to change his category.


Thx to mano wii’s code !

@RaphaelBarros I think dev’s could do something really good, but for that, people have to tell them they want such tool, but right now, I don’t think they want it.

Thank you for this!