WC 110: "Are clothes alive?"

I hope you will like it :smiley: !
I’m working on compositing so far.

… I do! :wink: It already looks very good - the sleeves look a bit short but I guess you did that intentionally. Nice work so far.

They look so lifelike, great modelling. :wink:

What else are you going to add?

Thanks a lot guys! I don’t know if I will add someting else; maybe other characters or objects on the scene to hide the compositing I’m working on ( It will be an Open entry).

Wow, this looks really good. I would like to see a bigger version of this render though. :nods:

This is really cool!

I’m not sure I like how the lady’s blouse is sitting. It’s bunching up as if it’s majorly starched or something.

Looking forward to seeing the end product.


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Thanks again for your comments!
Here is my last picture which I’ll send to WCs.

C&C are still welcome. :wink:

very nice m8, dog as well, lol
Make alive is a bit strange though,
anyway i like it

Heh. I like it. Keep it up. We’ve take quite different approaches, lol.