WC 110 WIP: Rolex [Another Wrist Watch. Oops.]

Well, I think this is complete. Sorry, Sonix, I didn’t realize you were also doing a watch. Though, I suppose I posted on Friday so I don’t believe either of us have anything to apologize for. May the best watchmaker win!



Good luck to all in the competition. This has been a fun one.

Lovely and very classy. [!]


Mate, you got me beat I think. I couoldn’t think of anything else but a watch. I wish I’d done more work on the face of mine now.

Great minds think alike. :smiley:

As I said in your wip thread, great work on the modeling and I think the way you’ve set out your renders is wicked.

Good luck,


Sonix: As I said in your thread, I think you and I made a damned fine pair of watches. They’re quite hard to compare. As I also said in your thread, mine only took three or four minutes each to render, not several hours, so I had a bit of a computational advantage.

As far as the materials go, the gold is indeed smooth. The film grain makes the whole image look a little rough, the effect of which I like. Anyhow. If any of you want to see it pre-pp, let me know after the contest.

you know that i am a fan! keep it up! :wink:

very cool shaders! I think the glass is not shiny enough but it’s ok.

I have to agree with @ner about the glass… also it would make the pic even better if you’d add some more ‘freshness’ to it, setting up the lighting differently … putting more specs here and there … At the moment I think it’s a bit too ‘matte’ …