WC 112 - Primitive Caustic Behavior

My Entry’s title, Caustic Primitive Behavior, depicts 2 meanings of topic:

  1. How costic reflections behave with primatives.
  2. Cutting or Damaging unsofisticated behavior.


I’m extremely irritated with Yafray. I couldnt get alot of thigns I wanted to do to work.

  1. I wanted to texture the ground, but the caustics would disapear.
  2. I had a better sky but YafRay does some strang things with procedurals
  3. I wanted more advanced lighting but I spot lights even at .01 intensity would burn the bajesus out of the ground… and a plethera of other problems. Oh, this is my first caustic render btw.

The victim is intentionally untextured. and Motion blur was done manually, since Yafray apparently doesnt support it.

PS. Thanks Prince for helping me with the Yafray settings.

hhhmmm looks cool i find this kinda like that other post cant remember who but it was for the wc is well.

Looks nice, hope you’ll be able to get over Yafray’s problems.

Ive been trying for like 5 hours to get just one cube to be caustic and i cant get it to work.
How do i get it to work? What settings do i use?

Yafray is not a blender renderer. It is a standalone renderer with it’s own scene definition language, and it’s own procedurals. It’s just a good thing that it works so well with blender that it could be integrated. We used it well before this happened tho, but we had to use scripts to export the scene and then we had to edit the xml file either manualy or with some tool. We had to retexture stuff, we had to remap procedurals, we had to relight the scene, etc. Now all of this could be done from inside blender with a click of a button.

I hate to see these posts where people are irritated with yafray, I’m sorry, but I do. If it irritates you, don’t use it, blender has it’s own renderer, if you have set your settings for that, use that. If you have set your settings for yafray, use that. If you feel you can’t achieve something in yafray that you should be able to, hit the xml button, browse to your yafray directory, fire up notepad, and edit yafray’s cloud texture settings (for example) manualy.

I am happy that yafray is integrated, it saves a lot of work…

O, and it’s not yafray’s fault that the settings don’t always match, it’s blender that doesn’t send the right data… but it’s not the developer’s fault neither, they do their best, I’m really grateful.

i am tired of posting about this! it has been what atleast a week since it was released and ever since it has been dof and caustics how to! use the darn search feature - do alittle homework! read the manual!

the image:

very nice - you aren’t even going to mention me!? :frowning: no i am just kidding you would have figured it out with out me! :wink:

ROFL, sorry Prince! I meant to, I must have forgotten. Thanks to Prince the caustics worked on my image. I used a different lighting set up and textures, but your YafRay settings saved me! Thanks again.

Erufailon, I didnt say I was mad at anyone for not integrating it better, I didn’t say that Yafray sucked. I simply stated that I was irritated with the limitations I experienced trying to use Yafray. Most of those limitations were because this is my first time trying to use it and I havent got a clue what I’m doing. I’m impatient and easily frustrated :wink: I think Yafray is an excelent renderer, but I just couldnt get it to do what I wanted it to. As for using the internal Blender Renderer instead of YafRay, I do unless its absolutely necessary, Like in this case with Caustics. I’ll figure it out eventually.

Prince I just got the new version last night (some of us have hard classes and school and actually have home work). I just wanted to know how he got his caustics working. Either mine doesnt have translucency or the whole scene is too dark. Ive been trying many How To’s and they arent very helpful to me.