WC # 112 primitives: cube

some people will get this, some will not, depending upon when you arrived at the forum.

What the Hell

I guess I didn’t arrive early enough. :-?



Modron you are weird lol. i get it plane and simple ok i dont get it lol what is it?

do a search for a locked thread called ‘cube with interesting lighting’ to get the joke.

hmmi think i remember that… something about coloured shadows too, yeah? and negative lights? or maybe that was a different cube-based thread.

HAHA dude

you shouldn’t have told from where it was…now it’s not AS funny since you said it…it’s always funny for us that were there at the time…anyway lol good one

ooops. sorry… :expressionless:

and I’m guess I’m just shocked i remembered it that well!

well i wasn’t sure if i should mention the origin of the yellow cube or not. i also considered doing the recursive env mapped version but i couldn’t figure out how intrr screwed up the env map so bad lol.

Damn, I was gonna reuse my entry that I put in the Light weekend challenge, but you beat me to it…

hmm I was recheking this beautiful pic…and one thing striked me…it got OSA… %|

I mean…it’s way less interesting with osa turned on…

i thought the original had osa for some reason. are you sure? I will check,…I might have to change it. ( i did turn the osa down to 5 samples though. )
<edit> I was right, it looks like he has OSA on 5 samples.
here’s the link to the original thread. I did notice however that I managed to get the lighting wrong. oh well.

lol! i remember that topic.

erm… I’m really confused… I read the first 3 pages of the original post. My only guess is that it was a spoof? Uber Monkey makes a box and gets really excited about it… yep, definitely sounds like a spoof. Am I on track?

yes, intrr is one of the blender programmers. he wrote the code for the recursive environment mapping, and he put the cube up as a joke.

oh shit - not that again!

I haven’t even put up the ‘rafray’ version yet. I figure this will be at least a seven pager. (j/k)

M0dron! not funny anymore :stuck_out_tongue: (it was way to good the first time) the topic was locked for a reason you know. And it’s the 3rd time i see someone getting back to it. But go ahead, i will just ignore this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s too late you already replied. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good modelling, good lighting, great colour combination…
Really interesting lighting on the cube … Can I have the blend ?