WC 113 WIP - "I swear, some of them walk through walls!

Well, my scene is not far along yet (I’m going to be rushing the scene again. Tsk), I haven’t done any actual modelling yet, but I’ve been playing with particles to try an get a nice effect like a certain… blast.

So, here we are:
Floating ‘Rogue’ Suzanne Defending Self From Particle Blast with Psychokinetic Forcefield. With Bonus Cube.

Don’t critique me on things like “It has nothing to do with the topic,” because I know, and I’m working on it. This is mostly a test setup. I have a whole lot of testing on my speed modelling skillz ahead of me, or maybe you’ll just get a pile of monkeys…

EDIT: Ah, forgot the point of posting it so early. Does anyone have any tips on getting a smoother effect with the particles and keep a tight ‘geometry’?

(So, who can say what TV series this scene will be based on? Maybe you even know what episode? I think I gave you enough clues…).

Man that’s great!

Could you post the particle configuration…because that’s very good!

haha nice, is the programe kenan and kel? or batman? , joking is it xmen?

Very nice, the beam needs an emitter of some sort. Right now it just starts in mid-air

Ze halos:

There’s 20 000 particles being fired with a normal force of 1.8 for 12 frames, with a 25 frame lifespan. 20 keys.
It takes about 10 minutes to calculate them all at that high a resolution, so I only use 300 most of the time because I’m impatient.

Red->White Halo Blend. HaloSize 0.17, Hardness 47, Add Effect 0.751, 4 lines.

Grimreaper: Yep. X-Men.

As such, the beam is emitted from Cyclops’ eyes, Kansas_15. Although Cyclops is looking more and more like Suzanne by the minute, because I’m real pressed for time now.
Damn you, Splash Damage games. WolfET is too damn addictive.