WC 123: "we come in peace"

I made this one in multiple passes, so I think it should probably be open:

http://freepgs.com/kendo/base.jpg base
http://freepgs.com/kendo/ao.jpg ambient occlusion
http://freepgs.com/kendo/normal.jpg bump maps
http://freepgs.com/kendo/reflection.jpg reflection pass
http://freepgs.com/kendo/planet.jpg planet
http://freepgs.com/kendo/fire.jpg re-entry fire thing…

and plus some extra post




very nicely done.
the sky seems to take away from the rocket. My eyes went to the flares at the front of the rocket, then to the beautiful backgound, completely missing the detail on the rocket and the earth (both well done).

The flare could use more dimension, but i like the concept.

I agree with what SamAdam said about the sky, also a bit of motion blur would be good to add to the effect that the bomb is moving, esspecially since you have the re-entry fire.

Not bad overall, good to see some humor in there :slight_smile:


Real nice, but the background doesn’t quite fit, and the fire looks a little hard.

I like the sky. Sure, it doesn’t really look like that, but night skies are pretty boring. Motion blur would take away from all the detail. It looks like a frozen moment in time this way. I like the lens flare. This is something that would make the coolest animation. You would see it from far off, then entering the atmospere, and finally the frozen shot.

update: (may offend pro-bushers)

yeah… my character modelling skills are a bit lacking. Is this one better or the original?

whoa maaan, you’ve got some sense of humour…
With the last image you’ve just ruined Bush’s chaces to win the elections :wink:

Haha, good update :slight_smile:

Bush is going down!


looks like a seen out of a modern version of doctor strangelove. great job.

Bush’s hair is more grey then that.

And he doesn’t fit well in the scene at all.

Yeah ! Funny image :slight_smile:
Maybe “we come in peace” appear more good not on the bomb but like a simple text (am I comprehensible ? ) . In any case, this text isn’t very visible.

Good idea :slight_smile:

Kansas 15: I repositioned the camera so the image is more balanced. check at last post

I kept the 3d text 'cause it looks ok right now and I’m lazy ;-]

oh, in case you didn’t realize, bush’s head is just a picture. My modelling skills aren’t that good <sigh>

Very cute :smiley: The multipass render really necessary to accomplish that?

this is one crazy image :slight_smile: well it’s quite popular to blame bush these days… so the average is going to like that image for sure. since I am not the type that just follows the average I have to say again: I like it though :smiley:

and even if it is why not make it pure again by puting it together in the sequence editor?

I just wanted to tweak it a bit more after render, stuff like erasing a small part of an offending layer or reducing the opacity of the ao or reflections. This allows for better control after render. For example, all I had to do to reposition the bomb and bush in the picture was drag on the forground layers. If I did that in blender it would take a long time in rendering.

plus, I’m more comfortable working in ps than using the sequencer, blender’s good but it’s not really an image manipulation program - I believe it’s missing some blending modes. To sum it up, I’m hooked on post and this way it’s easier to control.

And Bush is now president %|

I KNOW I CANT FREAKING BELIEVE IT!!! Too bad bush isnt on one of those bombs :smiley: :<

Since bush one his image is no longer valid, put Kerry on the bomb for bombing the election and losing to bush. And that I ABSOLUTELY 100% HATE Kerry

Since bush one his image is no longer valid, put Kerry on the bomb for bombing the election and losing to bush. And that I ABSOLUTELY 100% HATE Kerry[/quote]
Yes, it’s always nice to hear all your opinions about Bush and Kerry… maybe something for offtopic?

Jack000, you really did quite some work for this piece. I really have no idea if all those different passes were necessary, but it’s still very admirable.
Not being sarcastic: good luck on your next WC. :wink: