WC 128 entry

Here is my entry so far: http://blender.sixmonkeys.geek.nz/view_photo.php?set_albumName=Jedidawn&id=WC128

im sorry but that is… bad


:-? hmmm… Fudge, please remember to be constructive, as this is a WIP forum and that this pic has been posted for C&C.

To me, everything seems to be placeholders (colors for textures, and geometry for more detailed meshes).

The angle of view is not very interesting, I’d try to change it, perhaps closer to the ground, at the foot of small missiles, and looking toward normal sized missiles in the background.

Moreover, I’d say that either the small missiles are too small, or the great missiles are too great :expressionless: perhaps both! :wink:

At least he has it on the theme