WC #166 - Lair of the Fiend

OK, did this in about 1 hour and some post work in Photoshop. Grass is done with latest CVS build using new particles:


The story:

Vern was well know in the old west to have fiendish “movements”. Thus, this is his lair where he would hold out and spring his fiendish gases among the unsuspecting masses.


Wow! 1 hour? You defenitely know how to get the material settings right! (which is my biggest weakness right now)

Very well done. the ground texture which is done with Blender’s internal texture (whatever you call them again…having a Mind fart on that matter)
are great!

pretty bad ass

looks well modeled, i think a sky would look cool too, but maybe his gass destroyed the ozone in this area :o

keep up the cool work this was definatly the sh##

Very nicely done BgDM. Excellent materials, and nice humorous take on the weekend theme too :slight_smile:


looks killer, man. i know it’s in finished products but a few flies buzzing around would sure be a nice touch.

How about some green smoke particles spewing out from the cracks.

First off everything looks great.

One tiny problem is the background the bits that blurred seems a bit ‘not right’.

Everything else is awesome! lighting etc.

Thanks guys. I know there are things that could be added, but that was/is all the time I have foir this one this weekend. Too many other “real Life” things to be done over the next few days.

I may revisit it and do a full, bang up job on it. But not in the very near future.

Good luck all on the WC!


I was going to make a butt and something coming out of it, like mr. hanky, but it didnt go cool, so I didnt really do it. I think I lacked the effort :expressionless: .

Very nice BgDM, love your work as always :smiley:

I personally do like the overall light, the modeling and the materials…

The concept is fine too…and very hilarious.

Good work!