WC 212: Big goofy Dumb Moderator

Made for WC 212, topic ‘Grand and Massive’.

Big goofy Dumb Moderator

Dedicated to my favourite moderator* on this forum.

  • permission to make this work was granted by the moderator in question

He’s wearing the Super Wu-Man Black Manga Shirt of Invicibility, which can be bought in the Super Wu-Man Shop. All profit from this month will be donated to the Blender Foundation. Read more about this here.

Hope you like it,


haha that’s awesome!

Good job on representing him! If only I would have had the chance to meet the guy, unfortunatly he never come over here :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome job as usual, I definitly like your style

lmfao! Good one Sago.

Though I am not a big guy in real life. You got the goatie and the short hair right though. :smiley:

Now don’t make me lock this one. :stuck_out_tongue:


joozu desu sago-chan. kawaiii11!!!1!11!!!1eleven

haha, he really has that look on his face, like: what’s that? O.o
I like the wooden thing too, and I hereby force you to make a lighting tutorial because its just amazing with you achieve with the BI.

Lol :D.

Lovely work Sago, the expression is great! I never get hair to look as nice as you always get it… is there a special magical trick to it?

Your style is really cool and it seems everybody here adores it!

Ecks - thanks man. Yeah, your sig says it all, it’s pretty much impossible to get that guy somewhere. Getting him outside would be a great start, but that would mean breaking out the walls of his house.

BgDM - sure, of course you’re no chubby (denial, denial, haha), but I guess on this forum you just are. I believe you have Wu to thank for that. Anyway, thanks for being such a good sport and let me make this (because you know it could’ve easily been a naked version).

NodeRangersan - that didn’t make much sense, but that’s okay, man. I’m cool with it… just don’t talk to me in the future again, a’right? http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v483/sago/Pics/Emoticons/No.gif http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v483/sago/Pics/Emoticons/big_smile.gif

Yoeri - Thanks. And may I say I love what you did with the word ‘force’… makes it more obvious.

Roger - a special magical trick for the hair? Nay, not really. Just playing a bit with the buttons and hope for the best. Works for me every time. And btw, I’m pretty sure not everybody diggs my style.

lol yeah, but I don’t think it helps:rolleyes:

Looking good. And has the signature Sago style to it as always! Btw, is that DOF on the base? Almost looks blurred…

haha, so funny, if i had my mouse plugged in (the computer is apart at the minute) i would give a history in photos of how poor average weight BgDM, became huge fat disgusting BgDM,

but yes, super wu-man is to blame for all the weight torment!!

and this is proably not the best way to thank people who support the super wu-man shop, HAHA!!

awsome work Sago, and i’m glad BgDM can take a joke so well, because it looks like this one isnt going away…EVER!!!..haha.

BgDM big and fat, who would’ve guessed.

Now don’t blame us Dragons for that because we didn’t do anything.

Nice work by the way.

I like how you replicated his shaved eyebrows. thats freakin hot.

hehe, thats very funny dude,
lovely expressions !!

This is a great one Sago! Simple yet effective.
I never would have guessed that BgDM was not only overly-large, but also frightened of butterflies as he appears to be :wink:

GmL - nope, no DOF this time. Not even in postpro. Anyway, glad you like it.

Super Wu-Man - well, I asked his permission to make this work… maybe he thought the topic of this WC was ‘people you admire’, haha. Nah, he knew it, he just couldn’t say no to me… couldn’t resist my begging eyes and smile filled with love.

Cyborg Dragon - sure, we won’t blame you drago… ah, for the love of…

traitor - yeah, eyebrows… they are the toughest to do, so I’m glad this one worked fine without 'em.

garphik - thanks man. Facial expressions are the most fun to make (it’s even better when it actually works)

mr_bomb - yep, that’s him… BgDM. Not in real life, but on this forum… he is… a ‘great’ man.

Yeah, great job.
His ears seem to be kinda strange. Like elephant ears if they were bigger. They lean out too much.

Jeezz… BgDM really can take a hit or two. But how many actually? :rolleyes:
Well… I’m not going to try to find out :stuck_out_tongue:


Another great one, even without your signature I could recognize your style. I don’t know what BgDM looks like, maybe he should post some photo of himself just to see if your interpretation is near the reality, or maybe it’s better not, to keep the mystery, or one very blur …

Nice job Sago

Ha! Poor BgDM… :smiley:

Nice shader work on this, especially the tshirt material.

Thanks guys.

check his avatar… how’s that for poor, haha… yeah, good stuff.

Love y’all,

Hehe lol, reminds me of @ndy’s “Butteryfly Effect” great work as usual