WC 218: Pkaahk!


me entry for weekend challenge #218, topic is ‘It came from outer space’.

Hope you like it,

wow mayn u got talent!i like yours more than sagos…hope u win!

I’m sorry…there is 100% nothing I can say that is wrong with this picture…and I am so freakin’ jealous! Great job man…you should come up with a tutorial for a simple chicken or cool lookin’ space craft…I am highly impressed! More works from you is a must!

I thought chickens come from the supermarket… hmm…

Anyway, looks good… but didn’t I tell you to stop dicking around with the speedmodeling, and just spend a few more hours on a blenderwork?.. yeah, that was a long time ago.

Btw, do you handle girls the same way you handle your blenderstuff? Like work on them really fast, and get it over with in just a few minutes, with satisfactionary enough results? Cause if that’s the case teach me how.

If you’ll be my rooster I’ll be your cock,


haha funny as usual…do u like google jokes or sumthin…

nah, he just looks down into his pants and:

i think soo too…

Sago: yes you said that about the smc’ing. I didn’t SMC for 2 months I think. But I didn’t make any other blender work in that time, so I think there’s no difference.
And about the girls, they usually drop their clothes as soon as they see me using blender in my room. :wink:

“Roosters make the cock crow”