WC #243 - Prototype; Computer toilet

My entry is kinda funny. Or i think so myself. Its a toilet prototype integrated with a computer. I am still new to blender (used it some months now) so i think this model is pretty good, considering its made by me. Total hours work: Maybe 4-7hours. Its all blender and the internal rendrer. Please leave a comment.



Excelent idea. If you go in mass production let me know i ll buy one. :smiley:
Model is really good i like it.
Only one problem i can see here and that is the mouse pad or better to say i dont see any space for it, and it will be hard to use blender on toilet without mouse.
Keep it up.

Yeah, I was thinking about the mouse too, but its a great model :D. I’ve been thinking about something like this, I think I even had a dream about it a while ago :D:D:D. Good job.

i want one of those!!!
:smiley: <-- that smiley is happy cause he used it lol

needs a beer dispenser, HDTV, and an acu-jack for lifting things.


just joking…

nice work, very creative :slight_smile:

Excellent pic, man. My only crit is that you should probably have rendered the first/top pic from a slightly different angle. There’s a tangent between one of the bars and the seat, which makes it look like the bar is attached there. I had to double check one of the other angles to make sure that wasn’t so. Otherwise, really keen.

Wow. That is not only a toilet. That is everything a man needs to live!
I am only missing two things. Without the mouse you would have to do everything only with python scripts. That is probably possible, but very slow.
And there should be some box full of chips and cola to feed the poor modeller!
Anyway, it’s good. Nice idea, great render.

Thanks for all comments.

About the mouse thing, i didnt even think of that at all when i rendred the final shots.

Spectre-7: I agree with you on the camera angle. I chose to shoot it from 2 angles to hope to solve this problem about the keyboardjoint is mounted on the toilet. I kinda semi-resolved that problem then.


Hehe, great idea, I’d like to have such a toilet :slight_smile:
You should work on light to improve it and get a more realistic result. Try with Yafray or even Yaf(a)ray.


Oh, and now I understand that a tangent can be more than a rant from my science teacher, who coincedentally also showed us visual tangents in class and didn’t tell us what they’re called.

This is a nice picture! The idea isn’t new but it’s still good! The only thing i have to say is that the pipe of the toiletpaper has a very strange bend!


PS: I’m very sorry for my
bad English!

I hope you gave users a way to wipe off the keyboard!!! << YUCK >>:p:p:p

Missing things :

1 one Tablet > :smiley: for the painters
2 yeah check the Toilet water BUTTON you know you press to eliminate dejections…
3 Some cips and water glass

and You standing in! :)))))))))))))))))

:smiley: I prefer a laptop and a park :smiley: nice ideea not buyn` it :evilgrin: