WC #90 entry: Industrial Pipes

Heres my entry into the WC #90 contest, it is also my first render i’ve made ever. So what do you think. :smiley:


I think it’s annoying that you can tell the wall is just a textured square (you can see the top of it) and there is no background. You should have a corner there, wall to the left (make it bigger…) and right behind the pipes, and denser fog to make up for the lack of anything at the bottom.

That stuff is to go with the feeling of the picture. I no experience in mapping the texture on the wall to make the brick smaller, and the effect was that if goes off into a never ending darkness. I had smothing to put on the ground and I wanted to have the smoke most indefinatly to add acertain effect and feel of uncleaness, but what I had to put on the ground would not show through the smoke, And I would consider myself lucky to have even been able to have created the smoke with particles, because I had a very small Idea of what I was doing with the particles. That all I have to say about it thanks for you comment. :smiley:

a bit more work on the lighting would make this render much better. Especially some light from below.

nice work tho…beats the hell out of my first render.


Thanks. I’ve been tring to get the shadows to work but I’ve had know luck and I’ll place a light on the bottum and see what it looks like

Well, it certainly has feeling, and does so in a rather interesting, even minimalist way. As you continue to work with the picture, try not to lose that.

I like, particularly: - Your choice of overall location. This is a steam tunnel. Probably the last place in a hot factory that you’d look to find a picture, but a great concept for a picture. - The gritty “weeping” texture on the pipes, wrapped with what looks positively like electrical tape. It seems to speak to me that this factory is not well-maintained, or that considerations of practicality not aesthetics rule here. - You have made very good use of foreground and background in the composition. - Your textures make good use of specular highlights. It’s steamy and wet and hot, and looks the part. Even the tape has a sparkle. - Your placement of lights and objects gives my eye a good pathway through the scene. - That bumpy-mortar brick wall looks very unrefined, dirty, and therefore realistic. It is visually interesting, as are the pipe textures. It’s also in an area of the picture that has no competition from other things. Furthermore, it occupies both the front and the back of the picture space.
Now, you can’t get away with modeling a valve on a tube simply by putting a wheel in front of it. You could do the valve, but why not just get rid of the wheel?

You might be surprised at my reaction as a viewer; that I’m looking at it entirely as a place rather than a simple (CG speaking) collection of textured mesh-cubes and so forth. That’s because the picture has a realistic collection of details which invites me to think, "this is a real place!
and to respond to it in kind; as a real place, with a definite mood and feeling. You achieved the elusive thing that a good picture must do: what I call the “Pinnochio effect,” that is, to be “real.”

first ever??? then it’s great!!