WC Entry - Unneccessarily Complicated

(Taladan) #1

I titled this image ‘Complexity’…going (hopefully) for complicated design within human simplicity.

Modeled and rendered in blender 2.37
Filtering, glow, colour correction done with The Gimp.
C&C welcome



(Taladan) #2

Hrm…214 views and no replies…apparently it doesn’t /completely/ blow chunks or someone would’ve pointed that out. I’ll take no replies as a good thing…not a great thing, but definitely a good thing.


(4go10soul) #3

i don’t get it…

(Khnum) #4

yah, don’t you hate when no one replies but they look. I really don’t understand what it is that’s going on. looks like a face mask, that’s wearing a transparent mask its self. Don’t really get the corrilationt to the contest though.

(Taladan) #5

Basically it’s supposed to be a human face with a great amount of circuitry underlying, ala I, Robot - sorta. Ah well…maybe my artistic vision is skewed. Or maybe my texturing skills still suck. That’s okay though, like I said before, it’s the ‘prettiest’ thing I’ve ever done, so I’m proud of it, if only for that. If no one else gets it? No biggie. At least I know what I was doing when I did it and that makes me happy. Thanks for the comments, even if they are somewhat confused by the subject matter :wink:


(Spin) #6

Oh, I get it now. Cool idea. I see the circuits now.

I always thought that the texture was crap.

That circuitry should have been mapped larger and maybe some NOR too.

Can you do that? I’d like to see that.

(Taladan) #7

The circuitry is mapped nor, but it’s on a layer/model underneath the outer covering, and I had it mapped larger, but it was stretching badly and was unrecognizeable as circuitry. I guess I’m just gonna have to get better at texturing. You’re right, the texture /is/ crap…but it’s /my/ crap laughs