WC Entry - Unneccessarily Complicated

I titled this image ‘Complexity’…going (hopefully) for complicated design within human simplicity.

Modeled and rendered in blender 2.37
Filtering, glow, colour correction done with The Gimp.
C&C welcome



Hrm…214 views and no replies…apparently it doesn’t /completely/ blow chunks or someone would’ve pointed that out. I’ll take no replies as a good thing…not a great thing, but definitely a good thing.


i don’t get it…

yah, don’t you hate when no one replies but they look. I really don’t understand what it is that’s going on. looks like a face mask, that’s wearing a transparent mask its self. Don’t really get the corrilationt to the contest though.

Basically it’s supposed to be a human face with a great amount of circuitry underlying, ala I, Robot - sorta. Ah well…maybe my artistic vision is skewed. Or maybe my texturing skills still suck. That’s okay though, like I said before, it’s the ‘prettiest’ thing I’ve ever done, so I’m proud of it, if only for that. If no one else gets it? No biggie. At least I know what I was doing when I did it and that makes me happy. Thanks for the comments, even if they are somewhat confused by the subject matter :wink:


Oh, I get it now. Cool idea. I see the circuits now.

I always thought that the texture was crap.

That circuitry should have been mapped larger and maybe some NOR too.

Can you do that? I’d like to see that.

The circuitry is mapped nor, but it’s on a layer/model underneath the outer covering, and I had it mapped larger, but it was stretching badly and was unrecognizeable as circuitry. I guess I’m just gonna have to get better at texturing. You’re right, the texture /is/ crap…but it’s /my/ crap laughs