WC: Space - entry

(pofo) #1

Thought I’d post it here to maybe get some last minute feedback :wink:


I’ve tried to capture that ‘crappy game’ feeling in this one.
Any comments or suggestions.

  1. pofo

(BgDM) #2

Nice touch with the Lightwave logo as the enemy. I love it.

Lighting looks a little off though. Seems brighter on the right side. Maybe just me.


(pofo) #3

It is brighter to the right, did that so it wouldn’t look so uniform. Maybe I’ll change that.

(blengine) #4

great job! lol, brigns back so many memories.youve captured it very nicely

(sten) #5

FUN !!!

I remembered playing this Game on my old farty Commodore 64
with a plugincard at back of the computer for playing just this
game… “SPACE INVADERS” !!! :smiley:

cool done !!

(nerddogs) #6

Hey! I use both LW and Blender! Great scene!

(A2597) #7

I love it! great job!

(I ran a space invaders game called “GORF” on my colecovision way back when…)