WC the impossible

Heres my entry so far.


I plan to add some playing cards and more dice floating around.
Also i need to make the Dice more translucent.

C&C greatly appreciated!

Ok heres an update.

guess i wont get even one vote this time lol.
No one likes it

Ok another update. Not that anybody cares.


I prefered the first idea better…this simply look like an abstract image.

I would put 2-3 of em on each other on a woody table or something like that.

(eve though I don’t mean you copied anyone or he copied you, but there is similar idea that have been done with rocks already, you might want to make something else if you’re searching for votes…)

I am im working on a scene with a ladies hand holdong some cards with a round Dice on the table and a Dice floating in the air

Cool. The scene sounds interesting.

Good luck!


Here it is. Most likely my finished version.


Thanks for the comments!