WC109 Japanese Garden Temple

Here is my entry wip of the Japanese Gardens. Tell me what you think of it all so i can have time to render the final image in time for the deadline. Harsh C&C is welcome as long as the flame ends in a smoke trail of helpful information.

With 10 AO (20min render)

With no AO (2min Render)

With no AO improved lighting (2min render)

With the first image the obvious problem is the water which has been fixed just not rendered except in the following images. So is the AO worth it?

With the second image is dark but is it too dark?

The third is improved general lighting all though the actual temple is only insignificantly more lit. Is this the best out of them?

Any other crits are welcome as i only view them as chances to improve!

The finished version will have focal blur for the leafs in the forground and background to add a more through the bushes feel. So what do you all think? Hows the textures, sky, lighting, whatever? i need your input - i want to win this time (well i won’t win but atleast I want to be in the running! :stuck_out_tongue: )

So give me what you got! :wink:

The water looks more like sand to maybe you could add a bit of blue? The leafs look like they’re growing on top of the water but that’s not very hard to fix just move them a bit down. Other then that I haven’t got any c&c atm.

Are you using “add” “sub” or “both” AO?

If you have the model properly lit without AO, using subtract AO and tweaking the power and length of the shadows will add nice ambient shadows to the render.



let me see with the AO i have it set for the two left most buttons what ever those are. The water has a shade of blue but the rock under neath may be messing it up…

i will look into what i can do with all of that. Thanks!

More? :wink:

There aren’t really huge differences between the pics. Go with whatever you like.


Obviously, the water. It needs help.

Try to go ahead and model the windows instead of slapping on a bumpmapped photo, it doesn’t really look that good.

Add some more detail. Maybe a ladder and a path to shore or something? Is it supposed to be a miniature structure? What is it?

Keep at it.


here is the reference picture! yes it is a minature padogonia (sp?)

the windows are meshes and bumped - if you mean to actually make the window pains 3d i can do that too!

thanks all around! :wink:

here is an update! improved water and improved lighting plus focal blur! the entire scene takes only 3 minutes (if even that) to render so i have alot more detail i could add but keeping as close to the reference as possible i will only add better windows and that is tomorrow!

Definately need to model the windows. You might consider trying procedural textures, that would look quite a bit better, and if not, try getting higher res textures.

as close to the reference as possible

you may want to model yourself some glasses cause almost every part is different from the model?

the reference is copyrighted so i couldn’t replicate it! I don’t want it to be replicated rather dubplicated with slight variations. It’s like going into a gallery and you like the way it looks so you go home and arrange your furniture in the same patterns and locations - it’s different furniture but it is the same idea and style. WIth this i want the same basic layout and general shaped scenery. I am going to add some better detail to the windows and some leaves infront of the camera.

BTW how do i make it so that every piece of grass has the same texture not just one texture for them all like timmo did awhile back with his awsome buble effect for the wc impossible entry? Timmo?

thanks for all your comments and crits and more is welcome! :wink:

this is the improved windows version

this is the black and white just for fun!

is that better? :wink:

if you can’t replicate it, you certainly can’t use it! :wink:

what do you mean i can’t use it? i haven’t used as anything other than an inspiration!

the photo is copyright or the actual elements in it. there are a million different people making these and selling them at road side and boutique so i wouldn’t be too concerned with replicating the elements that have been replicated for thousands of years. you may be trying to replicate the scene but the scene is rather stale this way. switch it up and breathe some life into it. also since you have one main focus pump up the poly man.

the image is copyrighted so i can make the render look like the image - besides i am not too worried about making it look exactly like it anyway - it was just an inspiration!

also it is funny you mentioned polys cause i ment for there to be edges and creases as if it was cut from stone! i don’t want it too look perfect i want it to look old and hand made! i’ll see what i can do though… :wink:

not all hand made things look ruff. make your hand made object worth it’s weight. fill it out and save your hand made details for some texture work with some tool marks and minor surface imperfections. try to get your point across with subtlety. Your work will be much more admired and convincing in this manor.

like my last post ditch the front on camera position. you may be using the picture as reference but would you hang the reference on your wall to begin with? need to change up the lighting as well.

Eh. Some of you folks are way too concerned with copyright infringement. I seriously doubt that whoever made that little tiny pagoda picture is going to hunt you down if you make a 3D version of it. Blend away and try to sleep at night, no one is going to come for you. :wink: First of all, you probably don’t have much to take - you’re a high school student, and thus they don’t have much to gain. Second, you’re not exactly making huge amounts of money on this. Third…they probably aren’t searching Elysiun!! Don’t worry about it. And do model those windows.

i am not that worried about it! 8)

and i did model the windows!

i’ll try smoothing the thing out more and adding more subtle detail like mentioned. You say improve lighting but how?

i’ll work on that sand one but i’ll not have it intime for the deadline I am afraid! :wink:


is this better?

i increase over all lighting and i made the temple or what ever you call it alittle more smooth and added subtle knicks and cuts to it. I also added some ivy and changed focal blur so that it is less. It takes about 5 minutes to render with 8 samples of mblur and no osa and no AO! :wink: