WC111: Macro Entry

I started with this entry :

“When all else fails press cntrl alt delete”

but it just working so last night i started this and finished it this morning :


I am not going to update it although comments are welcome - i just haven’t the time right now so he goes for a boring entry! %|

alright now should i use this image or the other grass one? hurry hurry! i only have a day to get your preferences! I think this image is self explanatory :wink:


So… Morning Dew or Macro Computer?

Edit: this is rendered in Yafray - is it still eligible for pure? I used blender 2.34 so the connection between the two was seemless.

i would go for the computer. and yes, if you use yafray your entry stays pure. (if you used blender as the moodeling program.)

one tip for the computer: let the screen point down so people can see it.

what do you mean point down? :wink:

I think, Morning Dew.
It is looks like more work was put on to this :slight_smile:

Could we see a bigger render of the Morning dew image, as well as a wire. I would like to see :smiley:

it looks quite nice.

but kinda distorded…it’s a bit weird…which is why I would go for the last pic you posted…

but still…show me a bigger and a wire image of the morning dew! :stuck_out_tongue:

i would love to show you a wire frame but -

first it took for ever to render (rendered with ao 16, osa 16, huge 400x1024, and the mirror and transparency on those dew drops was incredibly long oh and did i mention motion blur!.

second I put the blend on floppy and now i can’t find the floppy! i only put my WC entrty blends on floppy but still - i won’t do that in futur!

so basically i can’t! i can however tell you explisitely how it was modeled:

took my background image (the one that looks regretably like a sonogram!) and put that on a plane, added a cool sky texture to the world, Added my simple plane and then extruded out and warped and messed with it till it looked like my reference image from camera view then i made the second one in the left bottom corner. I then textured these (the texture had the dew drops on them which i pp out but i left the caustics and then in place of the dew drops i added spheres (ico 3 div) and warped them a bit for each individual dew drop that you see. Then the long and tedious testing of colors, lights, and refraction values. I ended up with a huge render (that i didn’t save! man am i stupid sometimes!) that i cropped it in pp (no other editing there though) i decided i liked the image just not the colors so i went back into blender and turned unified renderer on and then set gamma and some other values to make it all darker and i tweaked the ao some then rendered again - the result was this image :

![imagine the above photo with extra 300pixels to the left](imagine the above photo with extra 300pixels to the left)

which i cropped then added my title bar to and then loaded into the sequencer and edited it with some zblur (although i don’t know if it actually did anything?!? :-?

Anyway so now the secret is out - i didn’t render in yafray - the caustics were from textures and now you know the story behind “Morning Dew”… :wink:

Really though i am kicking myself for not saving a copy of that blend to hdd atleast until the wc111 was over! sorry!

someone said something about the Macro Computer being easier:

well actually it was harder - the colors and reflections and shadows are incredibly hard to convert from blender to yafray! they just don’t like each other that much! The modeling was just as intensive and like said the textures and material were a bit wierd to tweak. Plus the whole thing has AO which takes forever to render! I must say though that there are a few problems :

  1. The guy doesn’t have a shadow… it isn’t easy giving him one when he was that small - it tried but it didnt work well.

  2. The insane refraction values on the outer plexiglass rim look grey for some reason!?

I am sure there are other problems but that is all that catch the eye instantly.

So we like morning dew best?

yea morning dew is waayyy better than the 2others…

but…who the hell save .blend on floppy disk?? and why???..it’s not like it takes too much place on your HD…

i know but it isn’t my pc and i hadn’t gotten it on cd yet so i put it on floppy and then deleted it from my hdd and now i can’t find my floppy! i need a usb drive! oh wait those are smaller - i’ll loose it too! no just kiddiing - i really just don’t know what i was thinkin! %|