WC113: We Remember

I need to get the smoke looking better, download and place a car coming through the smoke, and an American flag. The whole thing will be black and white, except the flag. Hope you like it. :smiley:

Looks good so far, hope to see it finished with it’s patriotism.

Car added, worked on grass.
Kansas_15, thanks. I will definitely have it done with remembrance and patriotism. :smiley:

Even more neat, keep it going, oh, and don’t forget the flag.

well, im going to lose just cause when u pick a thing like that to model, people feel guilty if they dont vote for it :<

:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, the chance that I’d vote for this image based on specific subject are below minimal. Guilty? No.
I’d hope that anyone who votes for this does so based on the quality of it, and nothing to do with it’s anasymbolism.

Jay, you need to figure some way simulating the smoke in the reflection … the car’s reflection looks weird.

SkeLeToR: lol I am just do as best I can, and if I win, that is a bonus.
fudje: I’m trying to figure out how I would simulate the smoke in the window reflections. %| I dunno. Back to work I go.

Perhaps a carefully stencilled and multiplied RayMirr map?

The coloring of those texts look like reversed French flag and the font is graffiti-like which reminds me of gangs that paint their tags around the city. Is that intentional?

Yes, it is graffiti. But it is red, white, and blue which is the American flag colors, as the French 3 color flag was adopted after the French revolution, which was after the American flag was created. We had them first. Ha! lol

jayeff, you can reflect smoke in the windows if you use env mapping instead of raytracing. looks good.