WC117 WIP - Facehugger...

I usually give up when trying to model anything organic, but we’ll see how this goes. Got a basic model done so far. Hopefully I’ll actually have some free time to work on texturing and rigging and a scene to put a couple of them in.


Wow! That looks good. With the right textures it will look incredible.

Cool that came out great , once you rigg it i’ll probably look even better.

bleh… so I had pretty much no time to work on this during the weekend.

I got a basic rig going, but the tail looked aweful.

I wanted a scene where the facehugger would be more visible, but I just don’t have time to make the little guy presentable. Had some downtime here at work though, so was able to whip up a scene.

Decided to shroud him in an egg in order to hide the bad rigging and junk.

Oh well… comments and crits are most welcome. :slight_smile:


if those are alien egss put the 4 slits in the top so it looks like one.

Good point… that was pretty lazy of me, wasn’t it.

I added the slits, but don’t have time to do them well… darkened the pic quite a bit… partly because it was too bright before and partly because the slits I made looked like crap.

Oh well… I probably shouldn’t enter these if I have to rush…

(I just updated the original pics, so refresh your browser if it’s still showing the old ones)