WC65, Ghost Ship

hey, this is my WC, the topic is ghost ship, i hope you like!

full size render here

its mostly pure cept the grain and the flare, the planet is an alpha texture

It looks great. I particularly like the ‘eclipse’ effect. Good work.

thanx, been waiting for a reply lol

I agree about the eclipse effect. Unless there is another light source somewhere, however, the side of the planet wouldn’t really be illuminated at all if that is in fact the start lighting it. At least I don’t this so…

Think of the moon on a sunny day. If its a crescent moon like that planet is, you can see quite clearly the path that the light of the sun is taking, and in no situation is anywhere near the moon. But…thats pretty picky because what you’ve created, although perhaps not astronomical precise, is very beautiful, and I really find it stricking. You picked a great color for the halo, and the perfect amount of planet is showing. Great work on that star field too!

y thank you, ive had cpmplaints on the spikeball ship thingy, anything u think i should do to it? does it sorta look like a ghost ship?

If I were you I’d elogate it, add some windows, and maybe remove some of the spikes. In my mind it resembles an anti-ship mine you’d find in the ocean more than it resembles a space ship, but then again, its a piece of art and its your concept. My suggestions for making it look more “shiplike” are really just based on what is stereotypically considered a space ship. Look at the death star…it was round, or the Borg cubes. So…I don’t think complaints really matter…its your piece of work, so if you like it, go with it. But if you want to appease the masses…by all means…add some rocket boosters or a big communications dish or something to that effect. Good luck!

good idea, ill work on it when i go to my dads, maybe ill elongate it, then add a window, a rocket, and maybe something appealing, idk, i like it, but apeal is nice, id like to get some votes! lol, dont vote cause i said so though!