wc89 :: time -- bell tower

My entry for the wc is almost complete, I would appreciate your Comments and critics before submitting :


This design is quite typical of the south alps in france

  1. The roof needs a displacement map to make the mat look more real.
  2. The roof needs to be more smooth.
  3. The robe in the middle needs to be smoother.
  4. Needs a background.

and you also need to make the shadow of the solar clock a little darker (get rid of other light(s) maybe?)
otherwise it looks good. It’s more a typical spanish design though, I’ve never seen something quite like that in southern France… although I don’t know all southern France :stuck_out_tongue:
looks good if you add the above mentioned corrections

new and final render, I think.

dimmed the lighting

Jay Eff, the rope is smooth it’s a shadow trick.
The roof is octogonal, that why it seems unsmooth. In this render I’ve subsurfed it.

Goeland86, I’ve seen this sort of towers in queyras highland it’s south of french alps not south of france, but you are right, there is also similar design (with different mats) in spain.


I did say I didn’t know the southern half of France all that well… I lived in the Alsace for 17 long years…
Anyways, it looks so good now, you’re good to enter it if you ask me!

It looks great, but i would consider changing the camera angle slightly.

love the bg, but i think that bg is requiring different lighting for the fg. turn on some light blue lights in front to get it to blend better, and also tone down all the lights a slight bit. the fg scene is too bright for the bg.

To what ?

I’ve tried many angles, and this what I’ve found to be the more correct.
I know it’s not perfect, but I don’t have any more idea. :frowning:

I need to look in the opening to see the bells, and cannot go much further above because the rest of church is not made. And from above, it looks somewhat weird

If I go below I will see mainly the roof underware, and this is not pretty.

new render with a more blueish light.

Not sure it’s better. What do you think ?


well, personally I would try an upward angle, because towers are tall, and when you are looking at them, you are generally bending your neck, and looking up,…so maybe try a low camera, pointing somewhat upwards, and for depth you could put a blurred branch, or something like that in the near foreground.
<edit> just saw the newer version,…i like the light in this new one better.

Unfortunately, When i thought of that, the model was almost completed and it don’t work at all with an upward angle. :frowning:
It would have needed much lower openings and a different wood frame. Too late to change it now.

For the light, I think now you are right. I tend to avoid blueish lighting but with this backgroung, it works.

I will so declare it officially finished.

Thanks to you, Jay Eff and Goeland86 for the feedback, it really helped.