We are cardially inviting you for the 3rd Blender Event - 2013 from 3p.m. onwards

Hey’ah everyone!
We are gladly inviting you for the 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] BLENDER PLANET EVENT in Mount rd, Chennai from 3p.m. onwards.

It is also an immense pleasure to have Mr. Praveen Chrispugg with us to share his wonderful knowledge about production in animation industry. He has also worked with directors & big screen for the clay animation in the movie song ‘Vanakam Chennai’ - Chennai city gangsta. He is here to share many of his knowledge & work. We have already talked about VNAGAR.COM - we will also help animators & artists connect various clients through online and sell their work. Everyone can form as team and work in your leisure time to create an advertisement and post it in VNAGAR instead of a simple demo reel. If the ad is being bought by any of the client would send a mail copying and vice versa :slight_smile:

We are here to talk, share & learn blender & make money out of it. There is no age limit even a school student can participate & a best professional can guide too. It is going to be a complete enjoying model & talk a lot about blender & many other things. We are also teaching basic interface & modeling in blender right there in the event. If anyone wants to carry laptop with them to follow with - you are welcome. We take on the spot question solve it together. It is going to be a very exciting program for all of us I hope so.

Our website with Tutorials, News, Resources blenderplanet.in was also launched today don’t forget to check it too.
Kindly be with us make and share anything that you know, because something you know may not be known by others :slight_smile: We take this opportunity to invite everyone personally & make this event a beautiful community.


I think you meant cordially ?

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I apologize for the silly mistake @@Herbert123 You spent a pretty time to explain it Thank you :slight_smile: