We are searching a remote teacher for our school

Hello everybody! We are searching a remote teacher for our school. An artist how can teach “Character Modeling” The course is 5 days, one day per Week and 1 hour and half. After those appointment normally we make a pause of one week and continue the next course. We paid per course. We did not close the price because we understand that the price depends of the qualification of the artist. We think to pay minimum $ 300 per course.

We need artist who can really be confident with sculpt, light, character and texturing. It will be great, if the artist can speak German but in case no, it is no a problem, but the artist must to speak good English.

The work will be remote. If you want to know more about us, please check our website : www.chlini-einsteins.ch

The students will be kids between 10 until 15 years old with experience in Blender. If you have interest , please contact me at [email protected]

I will be so happy to receive your application. It will be great if you can send me a link of your projects. Thanks indeed. Best Regards. Mayte


You pay $300 for 5 days of work and the preparation of the course? That sounds awfully low, to be honest.


and it’s Bern , Switzerland. A private school for little geniuses , called literally “Little Einsteins” . I guess that’s what the parents pay for half a day


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