We need an official b.blend with good settings and examples

We need an official b.blend with good settings and examples.
What do you think?

This can be big (10-20 Mbytes or more) and must be separated download.

For example it may contains good node setups, materials… here we can collect the ideas.

good nodes setup would be nice, I suck with those :frowning: havent found any good tutorial about them.

sounds like a great idea to me.

Good idea indeed. But I think eventually it may not be that useful to new users. In fact there is any good basic tutorial on libraries (proxies, appending etc.) and even skilled users are not so familiar how to use them (for example for animation).

So for new users it may be not so useful as it seems. Maybe good library solution in 2.50 would be better.

search for ‘default b.blend files’ in google.

endi… for examples… how about the regression suite? You can download it from blender.org

I was thinking how it would be nice to have a “from template” option (like the gimp) when you click “File, New…”. Then we could have a few pre-setup blend templates to choose from.

doesnt Blender allready have that in the form of the drop down menu right next to ‘help’ ? :wink:

Hard to tell. But I sure would like
-> a great selection of materials
-> several more complex meshes (maybe with parameters) for architectural modelling and some interiors
-> some good ready made light setups
-> decent cloth
-> maybe grass, hair and the like
-> some effects
-> a not so complex biped-rig with some standard actions (oh - and one that is not scaled or rotated)

Of course every experienced user has all these things around, but I sure would have nothing against such a file.

There are enough sources on the net that we could create a community b.blend. An unofficial one is just as good as an official one…

hmm… The Official BlenderArtists.Org Examples Collection… :smiley: