We Need This in Blender :D - xsi key thingy

this looks sweet- I soooo want this in blender :stuck_out_tongue:

Youtube - XSI keyframing

what do you think?
or is there already a script available?

Blender can easily do everything mentioned in that video.

not sure…

where’s that custom gui? :smiley:
that’s what I had my eye on :stuck_out_tongue:

*(and also a script log - a thing that shows what’s going on under the hood - where you can copy/ paste n’ do stuff with )

It didn’t seem to me like the custom GUI would speed things up that much.

But hey, to each his own…

custom gui == custom python script?

It is pretty cool, but I wouldn’t know how to use it if it was there.

In a lot of ways yes, but at present for a GUI like that its going to be some work to say the least…

Outside of that, it looks like most of that is probably available in Blender in some way or another, and if not could be easily worked around/adapt a different technique.

i don’t think anyones yet coded/scriptet a blender synoptic. :confused:

Actually the GUI is just an html page with javascript. The character displayed is just a picture, not an actual 3d representation of the character. You describe hotpoints on the image that execute scripts. This could be anything from selecting parts of the character to having preset poses. Since its all basically an ajax page, you can do some fairly complex things. Its been in XSI since version 1.5 I think. Except for the html part, I dont see why you couldn’t do something like that in Blender