we want a game section in elysiun

(sara) #1

dont we?

like the one in blendermania with screenshots and all that.

(marxniffen) #2

I agree.




(Abracsis) #3


(iconjunky) #4

Whoa!! Ive been away for a while, and everythings changed.! Youll have to forgive me i`m in a mild state of shock!

Yes!, Games stuff, DEFINATELY.

Ummm, iconjunky!

(Its nice to see some familiar names) :smiley: Hi everyone.


(saluk) #5

Haven’t seen you in a while. As for a games page, I’ve been kind of working on one since there isn’t one here, you can check the EARLY version of it here: http://www.angelfire.com/ego/spinhead/blendergames

Oh, and what a coincedence. The first game posted there was one of yours! (gertwheels) Erwin was looking for a more recent version of the game than the one I had lying around, so if you could mail it to me, or provide a link, that would be great.

Anyone else with games/game requests, I’ll be watching the forums and my mail. I plan on doing a major update this weekend, including screenshots, and quite a few more games.

(sara) #6

hey saluk. you can download screenshots of my games “the place to be” and “play room”.

it would be cool to have a page with game screenshots, comments, download link and play online link.

(Monkeyboi) #7

I think a game page on elysiun would be awesome! I can never remember the address of all those game compilation pages that people have made. I would much prefer to have a central collection of pretty much all games and demos made with Blender here on elysiun. Or at least direct links too them(only problem with that is that people tend to delete or change their games filenames, so this would probably cause alot of brioken links).

Anymore that agree?

(gargola) #8

that would be great! :smiley:

(ineedanewbi) #9

that would be good… but what i really need is a place to upload my files

i used to use geocities, but a 5 meg file dled by many ppl will “exceed the bandwith” or something and stop ur website or an hour or so

where does everyone else upload their files?

(joecool) #10

On my site(the nonupdated one…) I have a games section and sofar only has two games. But you can choose to download the .blend, the .exe or to play online.

So far I only have 1 game, I did have two, but I got a virus and had to delete that file along with a few others…sigh…

(mainman) #11

Yeah I think that it’s a great idea…cause me myself, I have this website but I know jack sh*t about HTML, so its useful to store games, but also to have a central database where you can find a lot of games…so…yeah! great idea!

(SeaCigar) #12

:stuck_out_tongue: well, I always thought of this area as the game area: true, you have to pick and choose to find “completed” games, and occasionally there’s the realtime demo, or python script that has nothing to do with gameplay, but all in all, I think the realtime area covers MY needs.

just my opinion, no insightful info here, move along folks :wink:

(S_W) #13

Yes, a game section would be great!! :slight_smile:

(Abracsis) #14

it would be good to have a rating system as well. Im sure alot of people mistake things that new blender users create as blender’s potential. Perhaps, a voting poll, and the highest one is the “Number 1 download”

Then at least people get a better impression too. Kib seems a bit of a renderhead though, so i don’t think there will be much luck found in this post…


(saluk) #15

Yeah, but what we really do need is a central database, not necesarily with upload capacity, although that would be quite useful, but where people can just add their own games to it. Something like the games archive that we used to have at blendermania. True, the forums are a good place to find new games, but what about those who don’t check the forums that often, or those game posts you may miss, or you may download them and play them and delete them, then forget about them. WIth a games area, you could always look at the game again if you need to learn from it or remember it again.

A place with uploads would be good though, because when people’s sites go down, then we cant download the game anymore.

(Pooba) #16

We’ve asked kib for this a bunch of times, but he hasn’t added it even though he said he might. It would be cool, to be like a game gallery like the ones they have for the pics.


(Blender_owl) #17

what about blendergames.com. There is a reason why it was started, so there is no reason to start one elysium.