weapon/animation managing

i just wanted to know, if anyone here knows how profesional games handle their animations to fit the items in the hands
example: in games like skyrim there are hundreds of diferent weapons, did they made a diferent hand animation for each weapon?

note: im not looking for a script or anything, i just want to know what is the easiest way to do this

I haven’t played Skyrim myself, but I expect it uses a system where there are different types of weapons, and each weapon type has its own set of animations. For example, your game might have axes, daggers, and swords. While you may have many different looking weapons in each category, there would only be one set of animations for each category.

That doesn’t mean that all the animations have to be identical for every weapon in one category though. Even though they may share the same key set, there are ways of making the animations different. For example, if you have a light fast sword and and larger heavier sword, you use the same swinging animation but play it slightly faster to for light sword since it would be easier to handle and swing.

We do not know the details of a proprietary system, but I agree with Mobious.

What solution you choose for your own game is really up to you.

Usually animations are bound with the objects they interact. With a clever modelling you might be able to reuse animations on different models. This is a common technique to save time (and money).

thats just how i thought it, every kind of weapon has it own set of animations, and its used for all the weapons of the same kind
thanks for your help!

for skyrim, the animations are done on the character model for each type of weapon. sword, axe, two handed etc. Each weapon has it’s origin exactly where the hook object on the main hand is (in blender terms an empty parented to the hand bone where the weapon gets parented to when you equip them), so they all fit. When the weapon is sheathed, it gets parented to a different hook on the hip bone or the spine depending on if its supposed to be on a belt or on the back.

i thought in that a while ago, to put empties where the hand should go, and then stretch the bones of the character to reach those empties, but its really hard to do this.
i don`t know what to choose, as the dynamic way(parenting bones to empties) seems cooler, because i can have the player to hold more things than just weapons, but the “set of animations” way, is easier to do and i can have more controll over how the bones move at the moment of adding animations , but its repetitive and can take more time, i think i will search wich one is better for my game.

anyway thanks guys!

its the other way around, the empty is parented to the bone. then the weapon gets parented to the empty. this is done because it’s easier to access the empty via python than the bone (i dont know if you even can parent to a bone via python in bge)

no you can`t, you have to use empties or invisible objects