Weapon Modeler wanted

Hello, my name is Tim Lundell and im working in Unreal Engine 4 on my free time. But my skills with 3D dessign is holding me back. If anyone is working with 3D modeling and/or texturing then maby we could help each other? :smiley:

Right now im working on a Asymetrical Multiplayer First Person Shooter in UE4. Kinda like Aliens Colonial Marines or Splinter Cell. And my weapon models are not good enough. Of course i would not say no to get more models but Weapon is my main problem right now.

I cannot buy any models right now since in not sure yet if i will put a price tag on the game once its done. The quality of the game will have to decide that but if i do then i dont mind splitting the income. But as for right now this is just a hobby project.

And if we work good togheter then maybe we can work together on other on other projects!
Send me a message if you are intressted!

Kind Regards// Tim Lundell

sent you a pm

As it’s for a game, do you want low poly meshes, with high poly textures? And also what kind of weapons? Modern, historic, or Sci-fi?