Weapon won't show up

Well, I’m kinda new to blender and I have been trying figure out quite a while why is this not working. I’m not using any tutorials, I’m learning logic bricks on my own. I’ve got open / close doors and walking, everything’s working fine but one thing I can’t get to work is assigning properties through logic bricks. I have a player with uzi and rpg on him and value of ‘haverpg’ on RPG that is on player is set to 0 by default, so that means it’s invisible. When player collides with rpg model on the floor (property ‘rpgfloor’) it should add the value of ‘haverpg’ 1, so it should become visible on the player. But it doesn’t work and I don’t know why. I have attached pics so you can see where’s the problem. I thought it should work this way, but maybe it doesn’t. :confused: thank you all for your help.

player.JPG -> logic bricks for player
playerrpg.JPG -> logic bricks for rpg on the player
rpgfloor.JPG -> logic bricks for rpg that’s lying on the ground


You have a near sensor on your RPG but a collision sensor on your player. It’s possible that the near sensor is activating before the collision sensor and destroying the RPG before the player can collide with it.

could you post you .blend-file because we can’t see everything about your settings

here’s the blend file, i’ve deleted the near sensor on the rpg but it’s still not working.


untitled.blend (441 KB)

Sorry for my late answer :rolleyes:
here is your fixed file
untitled.blend (518 KB)
I changed a few things if you have questions…ask me :wink:
ps: maybe you should change the property names a bit because they are a bit confusing